CAIU Executive Director Search Underway

by Comm Contractor | Nov 06, 2017

The CAIU Board of Directors has been working with the Chester County Intermediate Unit to search for an executive director to replace Cindy Mortzfeldt, who is retiring in December.

The position has been advertised throughout the commonwealth and tristate areas. In addition, focus groups have been conducted with superintendents and administrators from school districts served by CAIU, as well as with CAIU staff and parents. From the focus groups, the board will develop a candidate profile and an array of interview questions that center on the needs and challenges facing the intermediate unit.

The CAIU Board of Directors is on target to have the search process completed by late fall in order to have an executive director who can assume his or her responsibilities at the CAIU in December 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.

We look forward to working with the community to bring an outstanding educational leader to CAIU!

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