For Contractors

The CAIU utilizes contractors on a limited basis.  All contractors, however are required to adhere to this procedure.

All contractors must complete the following documentation (see bullet points) prior to starting service:

  • The Pennsylvania Department of Education's (PDE's) form entitled "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release." As per PA Act 168, ALL applicants AND independent contractors who will be in a position where they will have direct contact with children must provide contact information for the following:

     1. Current employer (regardless of whether the current employer is a school entity or where the applicant/contractor is employed in a position that involves direct contact with children);

    2.  All former employers that were school entities; and

    3.  All former employers where the applicant/contractor was employed in a position that involved direct contact with children. (The CAIU cannot answer whether a certain position an applicant held involved direct contact with children; this is a judgment call that must be made by the applicant).  

    NOTE: A separate form must be filled out for each current and former employer. The applicant/contractor must also consent to the current/former employer’s disclosure of any information regarding abuse and/or sexual misconduct. An applicant/contractor for a position involving direct contact with children cannot be hired unless the applicant provides the required information.

  • A current (no more than one (1) year old), Act 34 (PA criminal history) clearance result.
  • A current (no more than one (1) year old), original Act 151 (PA child abuse history) clearance result.
  • Act 114 (Use Service Code 1KG6S7)
  • PDE Form 6004
  • TB Test Form (Cannot be more than 3 months old).
  • Independent Provider Agreement (this will be provided to you by the program contact/administrator).
  • CIS Acknowledgement and Consent Form - Guests (see below Board Policy 815 Attachment 3).

Contractors who do not have direct contact with children and who will not be entering any school buildings may not be required to obtain clearances and the TB test (this is the exception, not the rule). If this is the case, the Independent Provider Agreement will state this fact. These Contractors are still required to complete the 6004 form.

All contractors are also responsible for reading and adhering to the following:

Contractors that remain with the CAIU from year to year without a break in service need to complete a new PDE Form 6004 annually, but the CAIU reserves the right to request updated clearances and/or TB test at any time. New contractors and contractors that have any break in work with the CAIU, must obtain all new paperwork.

When completed, documentation should be given to the contractor's contact or administrator. Please wait and submit all documentation to the contact at one time.

As required by Act 126 of 2012, all contractors must attend Mandated Reporter training.  This training must then be obtained every five (5) years.  Contractors should work with their program administrator to ensure this requirement is met.