English as a Second Language

​ESL Program Specialist Certification

CAIU provides a series of PDE required courses for English as a Second Language Program Specialist certification. Courses are offered for either Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or graduate credit (through Shippensburg University) for teachers who wish to add ESL Program Specialist to their current certification. ESL Program Specialist certification is required to teach ELD/ESL classes. Please note that all participants, whether taking CPEs or graduate credits, must register on 48 CARATS.

Participants in these classes are required to complete all six (6) of the three-credit courses to obtain the ESL Program Specialist Certification: 

ESL 1: Introduction to the Teaching English Language Development 
ESL 2: Developing Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity 
ESL 3: Observing, Planning, Implementing, and Managing Instruction 
ESL 4: Language Acquisition and Development 
ESL 5: Assessment and Support 
ESL 6: English Learners, Family, Community, and Professionalism

For specific information about the currently offered program, please view brochure:
ESL Program Specialist

Registration is available on 48 CARATS

Cheryl Rudawski
Curriculum Specialist

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8639

Bob Measel
ESL Bilingual Education Advisor II/Title III Director