Parent Networks and Resources

Parent Networks and Resources

Positive Behavior Strategies

When it comes to preschoolers, many parents have concerns about their child's behavior. While some of these behaviors are developmentally typical and expected for children this age, pervasive and ongoing behaviors can be disruptive at home and at child care sites. There are many strategies that parents and caregivers can use to promote positive behavior in young children and change these patterns of behavior. The following resources are offered to help parents and caregivers incorporate strategies for handling some of these more common behaviors. When behaviors are pervasive and a child does not respond to these interventions, parents should seek help through the Behavioral Health/Mental Health system.

Parent Task Force

The Local Task Force is comprised of parents, school district representatives, county mental health/intellectual disabilities office (MH/ID) representatives, a CAIU representative, and representatives from the local ARC offices.  Meetings are open to the public. More information can be found here:
Local Right to Education Task Force
Follow this link for Community Agencies and Resources.

"My Bike" Program

"My Bike" Program - Variety the Children's Charity -  provides adaptive bikes individually customized to eligible children with disabilities. Parents have repeatedly told us that these bikes are creating extraordinary impact - and giving children the joy, freedom, and belonging that comes with a bike.

Hands and Voices of PA

Hands & Voices of PA has created a social media closed Facebook group for families to self-disclose that they are the parent of a child with hearing loss.  After only being in existence for a limited amount of time there are already over 180 families in the group. The chapter is willing to support families throughout PA by sharing information in the closed Facebook group. 

Closed Facebook Group for Families:

Facebook Page for Families and Professionals: