CAIU Goals

2014-2017 CAIU GOALS

GOAL #1 - The CAIU will fulfill its mission of providing "educational excellence" to all of its clients and stakeholders-both internal and external - by defining the meaning of the term "excellence" as it relates to each individual team and program within the CAIU.

GOAL #2 - The CAIU will continue to emerge as a leader in blended and online learning strategies.

GOAL#3 - The CAIU will continue to effectively deliver the supports and services to students, families, and schools by ensuring all CAIU staff are equipped with the hardware and software required to successfully perform their job function.

GOAL #4 - The CAIU will continue to emerge as a leading intermediate unit and local educational agency (LEA) by meeting (and exceeding) the State educational expectations and initiatives as set forth in the Comprehensive Plan.