Consultative Services

​Autism Support Services

The Educational Consultants are also available to continue working with the referring district team following itinerant services.
  • This Supports to School Personnel service includes providing assistance through site-based guided practice and action-planning to strategically and systematically train other district staff. Co-teaching as well as guided practice will be utilized to promote skill transfer from autism educational consultants to district staff. This is included in the service provided by supports to school personnel to guide district staff in full delivery of effective and efficient services once the CAIU consultant completes the referral.
  • Each of the Educational Consultants possess particular expertise in a variety of specific autism related areas of social cognition, pragmatic language, functional behavioral assessment/and behavior plan design and self-regulation. Additionally related staff expertise for consultation to the autism program include speech/language and occupational therapy, assistive technology, oral-motor and feeding, behavioral support, school psychology, secondary transition.

To track both Itinerant and Supports to School Personnel activities a systematic tool will be utilized by each CAIU autism consultant to monitor all consulting activities for the district to assist the district in documenting what services have been delivered to their student and to monitor skill transfer success to district staff.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Andrew McCrea
(717)732-8400, Ext. 8313