Training and Consultation Services

High Impact Strategies

All school districts in the IU # 15 region are fully engaged in an instructional initiative known as Learning-Focused Schools, an effort to systematically implement research-based strategies to improve student achievement in grades K through 12. Student success requires the systematic implementation of a meaningful and rigorous curriculum utilizing proven instructional strategies. 

This 2-day session will provide participants with in-depth knowledge of research-based high-impact strategies to improve student achievement that support Learning Focused Schools. This session, designed specifically for students beginning their student teaching experience, will provide skills, knowledge, and resources for implementing these strategies into instruction in all content areas. The workshop will include intensive instruction and modeling. This workshop includes information on: 

• What is exemplary practice? 
• What are the high impact strategies? 
• How do I implement these strategies into my instruction? 
• What does the implementation of the Learning Focused Schools framework look like in schools?